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Change Agent of mind, body and soul therapy

We are changing the way you want therapy- we pride ourselves on offering an innovative approach to whole body wellness.   Mental Tonic,  is housed in our partner clinic, SEQUENCE TO HEALTH.  This dual Primary & Mental Health Care clinic provides medical and mental health care, including medication advisement and prescribing.  This partnership provides access to the best somatic wellness program which incorporates both mental and physical awareness techniques. 

Our signature approach to mental wellness includes emotional release , breathing awareness and movement modalities.  Combing mind, body and soul techniques to leave you feeling lighter and ready to conquer the day! Check out our tonics below and find one that suites you!

May use your HSA or FSA cards to pay for sessions.  We provide you with a CSM-1500 form & an invoice so that you maybe reimbursed by your insurance company.  Go to the app below to buy passes or pay for individual sessions.   

Currently scheduling private clients on Thursdays at Sequence to Health

Or check out for online or private sessions at our Grayson Location

Mental Tonic, Mental Health

We have a Tonic for your mind, body & soul



Are you feeling off balance:

at Work? in Relationships? as a Parent? in General?

This class brings in mindfulness techniques to help combat everyday stress to bring you back to feeling balanced. Paired with equipment that helps you gain strength in body and mind. Increase balance, functional movement & range of motion, build confidence & awareness!



Would you rather work out your stress, emotions and tension? Then this class is for you! 

This class dives into emotional and physical wellness by using movement, coping skills and energy medicine to release stagnant energy and emotions. We interweave somatic skills into each session so you leave with a whole body,

mind and soul therapy. 


  Looking to slow down? Relieve stress? Recovering from injuries. Gentle somatic therapy with the aid of props- blocks, bolsters and blankets. Fully supported, we allow our mind to let go of tension, which releases negative thought patterns and stiffness in the body. Session provides skills to assist with decreasing sensations of anxiety, monkey mind and increasing emotional resiliency.  


  Explore the inner workings of your own experience, using body and breath as a vehicle to calm and center the mind. Using emotional intelligence, you will be guided through learning new ways to cope, how to protect energy & increase resiliency. Movement is used to facilitate release of tension and stress.  For Empaths, Caregivers, Teachers, Parents, Nurses, Doctors, Sensitive Humans - this is the class for you! 

Find comfort & support here.


Our group setting allows for clients to feel comfortable and supported.  

Our space can be used for private yoga & fitness instruction, workshops, classes and gatherings. Contact us below for pricing and available dates.